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The experience of customer onboarding is a make-or-break situation — no matter how beautiful and engaging the underlying app might be. An onboarding experience beset by friction, delays, and frustrations will turn customers away.

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Working with Instnt's API was easy and we were able to get our clients up and running in a matter of hours. The Instnt team was responsive and helpful, and working with their sales support and engineering team was a dream. We look forward to enhancing our digital customer acceptance capabilities in the near future.

Tim Li

Ceo of Alchemy
Instnt, is an essential technology that is integrated into our smartOpen AOS and LOS banking marketplace platform that accelerates digital transformation and growth for our financial institution clients. Instnt helps us to manage risk and AML/KYC compliance making it easy to validate an applicant’s identity during the onboarding process further simplifying the user experience so FI customers can navigate their financial lives as seamless as buying a product on Amazon.

Ajay Hans

CEO & Founder of Mobetize

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