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Challenger bank grew signups 300% without any fraud loss

A challenger bank launched a new product, a high-yield checking account, targeting younger people. Unfortunately, their anticipated growth . . . .

Why Alchemy Partnered with Instnt to Accelerate Digital Customer Onboarding

Traditionally having served local communities, credit unions have been challenged to go digital, launching app-based services that appeal to a new profile of customers - customers that are younger, impatient, and mobile-first.

Transforming Credit Risk Management And First Party Fraud Losses with Managed Customer Acceptance

As fraud rates grow year-over-year, so does
spending on fraud mitigation, with many financial
institutions commonly dedicating six to seven
figures to combating fraud. It might be surprising
to learn that the fastest-growing form of fraud is
perpetrated by genuine consumers themselves in
the form of first-party fraud.
The growing shift in cashless transactions and
digitization in payments provide a perfect ground
for such fraud to thrive. This case study helps you manage those risks.