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5 Revolutionary Big Data Trends in Data Science
Instnt | 9/23/21 1:27 PM
  It has increasingly become commonplace for companies of every size to hold massive quantities of data. Further, the resulting datasets often exceed the memory of a single machine. This change in ...
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5 Challenges That Fintech Software Must Solve for Customer Onboarding
Instnt | 9/16/21 12:45 AM
Fintech software facilitates all types of financial products and services, making customer’s financial lives easier and more convenient. For fintech companies, the future is indeed rosy. They have ...
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Fintech Solutions in the Age of Digital Fraud
Instnt | 9/7/21 8:00 AM
With fintech solutions, apps, and services popping up everywhere, their convenience has led to concerns about security and privacy. Not every banking and fintech app is used for the same purpose, and ...
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Data Science Explained: What It Is and Why It's Important
Instnt | 8/30/21 3:05 PM
In this fast-paced and increasingly global consumer market, data is everything. Businesses that learn to wield their data effectively make headway over competitors who don’t. Data science as a ...
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Choosing a Digital Onboarding Solution
Justin Kamerman | 8/9/21 2:51 PM
Digital onboarding is hot. As commerce and services continue their tectonic shift online, accelerated by the COVID pandemic, digital onboarding services are becoming the new gatekeepers. Recognizing ...
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