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Maintaining Our Values in a New World
Kimberley Nash | April 14, 2021
For a new start-up, it’s a challenge to determine who we are and what our culture will look like: we have money to worry about, searching for the best talent while not always being able to offer what the fancy tech companies can.
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Digital Onboarding: Swipe Left, Swipe Right.
Justin Kamerman | March 09, 2021
Digital onboarding is when you sign up a customer for the first time. You have no prior history of this individual other than what you’ve been able to learn using credit bureau reports, social media, terrorist watchlists, and the DMV.
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Monkey versus Robot: How Machine Learning and AI can detect Synthetic IDs
Justin Kamerman | February 10th, 2021
Synthetic identity theft is a type of fraud in which a criminal combines real and fake information to create a new identity. This synthetic identity is used to open fraudulent accounts and make fraudulent purchases.
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Fintech and the Data Scientist
Justin Kamerman | January 20th, 2021
Banks were among the first businesses to use computing technology to streamline their business. Bank of America pioneered electronic check processing with ERMA (Electronic Recording Machine, Accounting) in the 1950’s.
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If fraud is normal, why the hell are we still losing so much revenue?
Is it possible the focus on fraud is outweighing our ability to sign up more customers? Online businesses put delivering frictionless customer experience as a top priority, yet existing fraud prevention programs are blocking up to 40% of good customers.
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