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Customer Onboarding in the Age of Digital Banking
Instnt | 1/24/22 11:00 PM
Customer onboarding is a term that most people never consider — that is, until they find themselves caught up in the often excruciating exercise of opening a bank account or establishing a ...
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5 Challenges and Opportunities for Neobanks
Instnt | 1/18/22 2:00 AM
These days, being tech-savvy is the rule rather than the exception. Neobanks, which are financial-technology firms that provide banking services exclusively through digital platforms, have been ...
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6 Digital Customer Onboarding Benefits for Neobanks
Instnt | 1/11/22 1:30 AM
The customer relationship with a neobank starts with a great onboarding experience. Get it right and customers are pumped and primed to access even more products and services. They may even tell a ...
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5 Fintech Trends in Customer Onboarding
Instnt | 1/4/22 8:08 PM
Financial services seem to be everywhere these days — depositing a check via a bank’s mobile app on a phone, paying contactless at a store, or paying a friend back via an app for spotting you when ...
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6 E-Commerce Trends in the Digital Realm
Instnt | 12/21/21 2:00 AM
In technology years, eCommerce is a dinosaur. Hard to believe, but it’s been around nearly four decades. But a lot has changed since CompuServe introduced the Electronic Mall in 1984. The Mall had ...
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