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What Is Loan Fraud and How Do You Prevent It?
Instnt | 5/10/22 9:00 AM
Identity fraud scams are an escalating threat to consumers and businesses. Fraud losses in 2020 alone amounted to $56 billion, according to Businesswire. What is happening when loan fraud occurs, and ...
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Money Lending Firms: Fraud, Risks and Solutions in Customer Onboarding
Instnt | 5/3/22 9:00 AM
As the effects of the pandemic continue, online transactions, especially those related to financial services, will continue and even increase. The number of mobile banking registrations tripled early ...
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How To Secure Customer Data During Customer Onboarding with Data Encryption
Instnt | 4/26/22 12:00 PM
Customers want enhanced, personalized experiences from nearly every company they deal with — especially their primary financial institution. To offer that, your organization will need data — lots of ...
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How To Automate Manual Reviews for Growth and Compliance
Instnt | 4/19/22 9:00 AM
It’s the scourge of so many businesses: Your marketing team works hard to attract and convert customers. Potential users are attracted to your website and mobile app. They’re intrigued, decide to ...
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5 Benefits of No-Code Customer Onboarding Software
Instnt | 4/12/22 12:00 AM
No-code platforms help businesses do more with less: non-engineers within the enterprise can more quickly create custom solutions that solve day-to-day problems. No-code software also diversifies who ...
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