How Does Instnt Work


Value Propositions

Increase revenue. The most accurate verification system ensures that you can on-board more good customers, reducing your rejection rates.

Zero liability. With a single line of code, shift your risk and compliance costs for on-boarding, including loss liability, to Instnt.

All-in-one. With one line of code on websites and apps, our solution collects, processes and manages the risk and legal compliance of on-boarding.

Cut your on-boarding operating expenses. Cut your operating costs by outsourcing your on-boarding function to Instnt.

Smooth user experience for your customers. Network effects ensure that your customers only need to provide personal information once, and never have to fill out another form again.


Easy implementation. Instnt can be implemented with one line of code without impacting existing business processes, people and technologies.

Secure and compliant. Everything is encrypted with hardware level encryption [FIPS-140.2] to bank-grade compliance requirements.

You own your data. We don’t store your customer’s data, but we send it to you in whatever format you need.

Customizable. Instnt can be customized to look exactly like your current account creation flow.

Access controls. Instnt allows you to create roles and permissions so everyone on your team has the access they need.