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Manage your customer acceptance & onboarding.

Instnt’s fully managed acceptance platform allows businesses to provide a frictionless customer experience, enabling them to quickly verify, accept, and onboard more new online customers without fraud loss or compliance issues.

What does Instnt's Customer Acceptance Platform do for your business?

It's a new solution to help your business immediately reduce operational costs and grow revenues by employing fully-integrated and automated AI technology purpose-built to frictionlessly let more good customers open new account without fraud losses.
Instnt Accept™ is the first line of security defense, fraud prevention, loss liability shift, and KYC check - allowing businesses to enhance their digital services and experience exponential growth.
Instnt provides Day-Zero to Day-N identity assurance that warranties each accepted user, indemnifying businesses up to $100MM in fraud loss liability protection so businesses can focus on growth instead of fraud and compliance management.

How do we work



First, tell us about the data you collect when online customers sign up for a new account: from name, to address, to phone number, to anything else that your business requires.

Let our artificially intelligent machines do the heavy lifting

You tell our AI what fraud risk and compliance checks you want us to run on the user signing up. Then, configure PKI keys to encrypt your data so it always remains secure. Don’t worry - you don’t have to write any orchestration rules, it’s as easy as flipping a switch on or off.
Let our artificially

Integrate our platform with our low-code SDKs and no-code options

It’s your sign-up journey—and we keep it that way. We generate a single line of JavaScript that you can plug into your website or app, with no disruptions to your application.
our platform

Our fully stacked solution provides Day-Zero to Day-N identity assurance and fraud prevention

Continuous identity assurance.

Fraud loss warranty.

AML/KYC checks and account monitoring.

Fully AI managed platform

Web3 Decentralized Identity

Customizable workflows and notifications

Unique product feature

Continuous Identity Assurance with Instnt Verify™

Instnt Verify

One-click signup with Instnt Access™

Instnt Access

Collective intelligence fraud prevention

Collective intelligence

Account takeover protection

Account takeover protection

Botnet and automated attack protection

Botnet and automated

Behavioral and device intelligence

our platform

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