OWI Podcast Treasurys Eternal Dilemma-1

Businesses have to make hard decisions when it comes to the trade-off between managing fraud losses and accepting new good customers in a frictionless, compliant way. But something’s wrong with this picture.  Host Cameron D’Ambrosi and our Founder and CEO Sunil Madhu discuss the regulatory landscape, and specifically, assess how businesses have built and managed their own technology orchestration to handle fraud and compliance needs when onboarding customers.

Key Learnings: 

  • Why focusing on keeping fraud rates low in turn holds the business back from customer growth.
  • How to implement a managed service without giving up control of your user flow and customer experience.
  • Trends in the market from No Code/Low Code to decentralized identity.
  • The future outlook of managed services in the identity and fraud prevention market.


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