Instnt Access™

Accept and onboard customers with one-click, without repeated sign-ups, or fraud and compliance risks.

Portable KYC with Instnt Access™

Instnt AccessTM is a decentralized customer acceptance and portable KYC solution that uses one of the Hyperledger Foundation's blockchain frameworks that enables customers to signup once and never again. Your customers can frictionlessly reach your products and services with one click. Businesses no longer need to trade off customer experience with their security, risk, and compliance requirements.

Our Portable KYC solution provides:
  • One-click frictionless onboarding
  • Single Sign-up
  • Risk and Security based assertion  
  • Managed Hyperledger blockchain
  • Embedded OEM ID wallet
  • Managed VC Issuer/Verifier
  • Managed Revocation
  • W3C DID support

Download our "Instnt AccessTM Solution Sheet" to learn more and Schedule a Demo