We are a Public Benefit Corporation on a mission to bring inclusion and instant acceptance to the masses.

Our Mission

Every business needs to grow their top-line by on-boarding new customers without friction and with the assurances required for security, fraud prevention, governance and compliance. Conversely, consumers want to be instantly accepted and enrolled by the businesses they seek to transact with, in a consented, privacy-aware and frictionless manner. Instnt is a one-of-a-kind collaborative effort between industry thought leaders, technology vendors and the private and public sector to solve for both sides of the on-boarding problem with a “Stripe for on-boarding” service offering and a new, interoperable Open Trust Protocol to make instant consumer acceptance a global reality.

Our Values

Empathy: We treat each other like family.

Kindness: We respect cultural diversity and different opinions.

Humor: If you can’t laugh at life or yourself, then don’t bother.

Direct Honesty: Providing constructive criticism and recognizing accomplishments immediately.

Curiosity: Ask questions and don’t take things for granted.