NEW YORK, March 30, 2021 -- Instnt Inc., the first fully managed digital customer onboarding service for businesses with fraud loss insurance, today unveiled a new UI/UX dashboard redesign that makes it easier for businesses to deploy workflows and track the data provided by Instnt. This redesign is also accompanied by API security enhancements, updated third-party and synthetic fraud models, biometrics capture capabilities, and SDKs integrations.

“Our UI/UX redesign makes it even easier to deploy new onboarding workflows, with intuitive visualization of factors affecting decision outcomes,” says Justin Kamerman, Chief Product Officer at Instnt. “Significant security enhancements have been transparently embedded in our new client SDKs, including behavioral biometrics and device fingerprinting. Our decisioning engine now combines multiple fraud models into a robust aggregate decision, lowering fraud rate and improving top-line growth.”

Features and benefits include:

- UI/UX dashboard redesign
- Enhanced security on all API endpoints: self-signed URLs and one-time tokens to enforce sanctioned use
- Third-party and synthetic fraud models and Biometrics capture
- Client-side SDKs for Angular, React, and Javascript integration

Original source: EIN Presswire