Instnt Launches Instnt Accept, A New Approach To Customer Onboarding


Instnt launches Instnt AcceptTM the first fully managed customer acceptance platform for businesses with up to $100M in annual fraud loss guarantee.

NEW YORK, NY, September 8, 2021 -- Instnt announced today the launch of Instnt AcceptTM, the first fully managed customer onboarding solution with up to $100M in annual fraud loss warranty, at FinovateFall at the New York Marriott Marquis, on Monday, September 13 at 4:10  pm. During the event, Instnt will demo live Instnt AcceptTM’s capabilities and new enhanced features that help businesses with their onboarding processes.

“We are excited to launch Instnt AcceptTM and be part of FinovateFall,” said Sunil Madhu, CEO and Founder of Instnt. “Today, a variety of self-managed customer onboarding orchestration waterfall approaches are being implemented by businesses in a game of vendor roulette. They are still not better off dealing with the ever-changing landscape of fraud risk than they were a decade ago while losing valuable top-line revenue from good customers that are rejected as a result of the inefficient approaches in place. We believe that there is a far better alternative in using a fully managed customer onboarding service to shift the problem of preventing fraud and loss liability in customer onboarding via a compliant manner: We make fraud losses our problem so businesses can focus on what they do best while creating a frictionless experience for customers."

The people behind Instnt AcceptTM are a team of industry thought leaders, technology vendors, and public and private sector professionals headquartered in NYC, dedicated to solving all sides of the customer onboarding problem to help businesses have healthier alternatives to sign-up more—and better—customers.

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About Instnt: Instnt is the first fully managed customer onboarding solution for businesses with up to $100M in annual fraud loss warranty, that helps them onboard good customers for good, driving their top-line revenue like never before. With its low-code integration and a compendium of sophisticated features, businesses can get their products to market faster, verifying and onboarding their digital customers frictionlessly, without bearing the costs of building and managing their own risk and compliance infrastructure or exposing themselves to fraud losses. Instnt powers various fast-growing financial institutions in North America. For more information, please visit

About Finovate: FinovateFall showcases the best innovations and insights in financial and banking technology via a short-form, unique format. The event features 50+ live product demos from leading innovators, along with advice and analysis from industry thought-leaders and influencers. FinovateFall is organized by The Finovate Group, a subsidiary of Informa Connect. For more information on the event, please visit


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Instnt Inc. is an AI managed customer acceptance platform founded and operated by serial entrepreneur Sunil Madhu, founder, and former CEO of Socure. Instnt is on a mission to bring frictionless inclusion and continuous identity assurance experiences for businesses and their customers through proprietary artificial intelligence technology, open standards, and a collaborative effort in the identity governance industry. Instnt powers various financial institutions, lenders, fintechs, banks, and credit unions across North America. For more information, please visit