Customer acceptance platform for businesses

Businesses of all sizes use Instnt Accept™ to increase the number of customer sign-ups and new accounts that remain compliant and fraud-free.

Why we are different

Fully managed solution

You don’t have to manage different vendors or the business rules and models. We will take care of that for you.

Highly available infrastructure

Serverless event-driven secure microservices hosted in multi-country, multi-region cloud data centers.

Proprietary technology

For identity verification, fraud prevention, and compliance with 40% fewer false positives.

Pay for performance

Only pay for the customers you accept, not for every transaction.

Fraud loss indemnification

We warranty every accepted customer to be fraud-free with up to $100M in fraud loss insurance.

Deploy in minutes

With zero code/low code an d SDK integration options, you can get your product to market instantly.

Who succeeds with us

State and Federal Government

State and Federal Government





How it works

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Instnt AcceptTM


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